Winery tour and tastings

Experience and knowledge of the vineyard and the winery

The tour starts with a walk in the vineyards, through the beautiful landscape of Castagneto Carducci. Here, the guests will learn about the story of a man, Michele, his family, and their history of wine production. To follow a description of the grapes, the vineyard’s microclimate and the soil characteristics of the area. The journey continues with the visit in the historic rock cellar and a wine tasting accompanied by bread with Extra virgin olive oil of our estate.

Our Winery offers two different tastings at the end of our Winery Tours. It is possible to book by clicking on the buttons on the side.

TOUR HOURS (indicative duration 90 min);

Guided tours with tasting (by reservation only) :
in the morning at 11:00
in the afternoon at 15:00


Visit and BOLGHERI Tasting > € 30

Tour with tasting of:
Costa di Giulia, Syrah, Piastraia.
The current vintages of each wine will be tasted.


Visit and SELEZIONI Tasting > € 50

Tour with tasting of:
Piastraia, I Castagni, Syrah, Cavaliere, Giovin Re.
The current vintages of each wine will be tasted.


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