Visit and Tasting

French - Indicative duration 120 minutes

Wines for tasting:
Bolgheri Bianco Costa di Giulia, Bianco di Toscana Giovin Re, Bolgheri Superiore Piastraia, Rosso di Toscana Cavaliere, Bolgheri Superiore Marianova.

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90.00 €

incl. VAT

per person

Immersed in the beautiful landscape of Castagneto Carducci, the tour starts with the story of a man, Michele, his family, and their history of wine production.

To follow a description of the grapes, the vineyard’s microclimate and the soil characteristics of the area. The journey continues with the visit in the historic rock cellar where the guest can reach the heart of the winery with an exclusive tasting of wines taken directly from the barriques and two old vintages selected from the limited reserve of the winery.

To conclude, pleasantly sitting on the panoramic terrace, the guest will taste all top wines of the estate including the latest “Marianova” result of the selection of Vignanova grapes, an excellent vineyard of the winery.


  • Bolgheri Bianco Costa di Giulia
  • Bianco di Toscana Giovin Re
  • Bolgheri Superiore Piastraia
  • Rosso di Toscana Cavaliere
  • Bolgheri Superiore Marianova

Guided tours with tasting take place from Tuesday to Saturday, by reservation only, during the following hours:

  • in the morning at 11:00
  • in the afternoon at 15:00